The benefits of joining the IMLA are varied and include regular opportunities to attend and participate at events, and to share ideas with other members, as well as access to member resources through this website. There are three classes of membership:

Representative Membership

For Chambers of Commerce, Insurance and Underwriters Organisations, Merchant and Manufacturing Associations, Shipowners Organisations, Bankers Associations, or other societies or bodies interested in the objects of the Association.

Individual Membership

For individuals who are interested in the objectives of the Association and are either lawyers or persons, who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, are otherwise qualified to assist the advancement of the objects of the Association.

Honorary Members

These are elected by the Executive Committee. One of the honorary members who deserves a particular mention is Mr Niall McGovern BL – who was one of the founders of the Association and served as its President for many years during which he served as an elected member on a number of CMI committees. The Association owes a debt of gratitude to him for his contribution over the years.

How To Apply

Anyone wishing to apply for membership of the Association should email the secretary Edmund Sweetman BL or apply online.