Dr Patrick Griggs Lecture – May 2016

The Association was honoured to receive a lecture for Dr. Patrick Griggs on 26th May, 2016. The lecture was entitled “Maritime and aeronautical disasters of the 1980’s – lessons learned, laws made and continuing problems” and reviewed a series of aeronatical, maritime and transport disasters during the 1980s. The lecture was kindly chaired by the Honourable Mr Justice Brian McGovern.

Mr Griggs provided a fascinating review of a series of incidents ranging through maritime casualties such as the “Herald of Free Entreprise”, the incident on the “Piper Alpha” Rig, the “Marchioness” casualty in London, to other incidents involving trains and aeroplanes (British Air tours incident, Manchester 1985, Chinook helicopter crash 1986, Pan Am crash 1988, British Midland landing on M1 as well as incidents at Kings Cross Clapham Junction etc). Mr Grigg’s gave an insider’s view as to how the representation of the victims and the insurers of the parties was conducted, speaking about the phenonomen known as the “mid-atlantic settlement” as well as explaining the technological and safety advances achieved by reason of these tragedies.

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