About Us

The Irish Maritime Law Association was formed at a meeting in the Shelbourne Hotel Dublin on 23 May 1963 for the purpose of allowing Ireland to input into important international shipping conventions.  The Association takes a very active part in Comite Maritime International (CMI) conferences and has been represented at every CMI Plenary Conference since 1963.

At the CMI conferences, international conventions are drafted to bring about conformity in private international maritime law. These include draft conventions on Maritime Liens and Mortgages, Civil Liability for Oil Pollution, Combined Transport, Carriage by Sea of Passengers and Off-shore Mobile Craft, Salvage, and Arrest of Ships. Many of the CMI drafts are later adopted by governments to form a uniform international maritime law.

The Irish Maritime Law Association has made a contribution to the work of the CMI which is altogether out of proportion to its size or to Ireland’s status as a maritime state. This is evidenced by the fact that when the constitution of the CMI was revised in 1972, its new Executive Council was composed of an American, an Englishman, a Frenchman, an Italian and an Irishman, namely Niall McGovern.  Niall McGovern was also appointed as one of the Trustees of the CMI Charitable Trust, and the IMLA also provides lecturers at CMI seminars around the world.

The IMLA has been happy to assist the Irish Government from time to time, drawing on its vast experience in the area of private international maritime law. The Association has been honoured by invitations to join the Irish government’s delegation at diplomatic conferences on maritime law.

The IMLA provides a forum for those who are engaged in international maritime trade. If you are a merchant, a ship-owner, an underwriter, banker or lawyer advising these disparate interests, you can find out more about joining.